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What You Should Avoid Eating After Teeth Whitening?
June 20, 2021  |  cosmetic dentistry, dentist
Teeth Whitening

What You Should Avoid Eating After Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening is a form of cosmetic dentistry service that helps restore your teeth’ original color. It is essential to stay away from certain food items to ensure long-lasting results. Our dentists at Grand Central Dentistry have listed some of them to help you make better food choices after your teeth whitening procedure. Your Conroe dentist has got your back!

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching does exactly what the name suggests. It whitens your teeth and gives you a pearly, shiny smile. With time our teeth tend to get stained due to our diet and lifestyle. You can go for professional teeth whitening services to get rid of discoloration.  You can resort to home remedies for your teeth whitening as well. Either way, the need to stay away from certain food items right after your bleaching procedure is important to get the best results.

Food Items to Avoid After Your Teeth Whitening Procedure

Now that we have an understanding of what teeth whitening is, let us jump on the food items that we must avoid after the procedure.

Fruits That Are Dark In Color

Dark-colored fruits such as blackberries and blueberries can ruin your newly whitened teeth as soon as you consume them. These fruits obtain certain pigments that can reverse the effects of bleaching and stain your teeth again. It is best to avoid these fruits after the procedure to ensure a stain-free appearance.

Dark Colored Beverages

Just like those dark-colored fruits, certain beverages of a darker shade can also stain your teeth. Anything that can stain your white shirt can also stain your pearly whites. It is best to avoid drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine, and hot chocolate right after the procedure. Your ivories might take on a darker hue once you consume them. Drinking caffeinated drinks right after the bleaching process can reverse the effects of the products and turn your teeth yellow. However, if you can’t live without your tea and coffee, it is best to use a straw. Also, refrain from swishing them inside your mouth

Acidic Beverages

Refrain from consuming acidic fruit juices that can adversely affect your tooth enamel and cause discoloration. The whitening product makes your enamel sensitive and more susceptible to acidic corrosion. Fizzy and carbonated beverages such as soda are a big no-no after teeth whitening. The color, acidity, and high sugar content can cause severe damage to your newly whitened teeth. Avoid them at all costs to ensure a long-lasting outcome.

Powdered Cheese

Powdered cheese is a menace for your pearly whites. Whenever you have consumed cheese popcorn, you must have noticed the powder sticking to your clothes, mouths, and your hands. This is what will happen to your teeth as well and the powder will stain them again. Avoid such snacks and you are good to go.


Do you love your marinara and your tomato sauces? Well, tomatoes have been known to stain the teeth due to their acid content. The color might get stuck to your enamel and ruin your entire appearance. Do not compromise with that shiny smile. Look for alternatives that can replace tomatoes in your meals.

We hope this blog helps you make informed decisions regarding your diet. Looking for the best teeth whitening procedure in Conroe, TX? Consult our dentists at Grand Central Dentistry and enjoy the best dental care services in the Texas area.