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What Tips Should You Follow After Root Canal Treatment?
April 26, 2022  |  Root Canal Treatment
Know The Effective Root Canal Aftercare Tips

What Tips Should You Follow After Root Canal Treatment?

It is vital to follow the proper aftercare instructions following a root canal treatment for your mouth to heal quickly and thoroughly. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the pain and avoid infection. Executing the appropriate post-treatment steps will aid in the recovery process. Here at Grand Central Dentistry Of Conroe, we just not provide top-quality dental services at an affordable price range but also lay importance on making our patients aware of what to do when the treatments are completed.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the root canal aftercare tips to follow in detail. Please go through them and know how to achieve optimum outcomes. 

What Should You Expect From A Root Canal Treatment?

When you undergo root canal therapy, your tooth is thoroughly cleaned, which can leave your mouth painful just after the treatment. A little discomfort is to be expected. Until the crown is prepared, your dentist will place a temporary filling in your mouth. After that, you’ll visit the dental office to acquire a permanent crown.

The pain usually goes away in 1-2 days for most patients. Because of the lingering anesthesia, you may feel numb after the root canal treatment. Your jaw may get uncomfortable when the medication wears off due to staying open for so long during the treatment process.

Procedures that used to be considered critical before have now become seamless and absolutely safe due to the constant advancements in dentistry. So, if you see signs of a root canal, do get in touch with a reliable dental office immediately! But, there is nothing for you to worry about.

Post Root Canal Treatment Care To Follow

Following a root canal treatment, the focus should be on pain relief. To relieve pain, your dentist may write you a prescription for a narcotic. Since narcotics might make you tired, be cautious when driving or operating machinery. Over-the-counter pain medications are preferred by certain patients.

To avoid further mouth or jaw pain in the days after your treatment, eat mostly soft food items. Brushing and flossing your teeth on a regular basis is recommended. To maintain your teeth healthy in the future, you’ll need to practice good dental hygiene.

When Should You Consult An Endodontist?

There are various signs that you should see an endodontist (a dental professional who specializes in repairing tissues inside the tooth in complex ways). after having a root canal:

  • Your bite is causing you discomfort.
  • Your swelling doesn’t fade away within a day or two.
  • Your temporary filling is falling out.
  • You start to have the same signs as before your root canals, such as gum inflammation or pain.

The pain usually goes away after a few days. If you’re still in excruciating pain many days following the treatment, there could be a problem. Many patients suffer pain in the affected tooth prior to a root canal. As the root canal treats the source of the pain and discomfort, the majority of patients report decreased pain after the surgery.

How Long Does Root Canal Recovery Require Ideally?

A root canal should only take two to three days to heal. The discomfort will fade rapidly. To maintain your teeth healthy in the long run, continue flossing and brushing on a daily basis and schedule biannual dental cleanings.

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