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January 25, 2021  |  Uncategorized
Dental Fillings


Dental fillings are rendered to fill cavities and restore decayed teeth. Fillings are strong enough that they let the teeth to chew and grind, just like original teeth. But at times, these fillings can also come loose.

How does a filling get damaged?
.Tooth decay due to a poor oral habits
.Face trauma
.Teeth grinding or clenching
.Allergic reaction to filling material (like mercury, amalgam, silver)
.Chewing and biting crunchy or hard foods

Whenever you feel that your dental filling is loose or you feel uneasy while biting, don’t ignore it. A loose, broken or fallen out filling is a critical issue that calls for dentist’s attention.

How to deal with a Loose Filling?
1. Ease the sensitivity – Movement of the filling may enable the site to become sore, sensitive or irritated. Washing your mouth with warm salt solution can render you temporary relief. You can even apply clove oil. An ice pack can also be used to numb the tooth.

2. Do not panic –Always remain calm whenever you deal with any dental trouble. Normally, fillings can be reapplied immediately. But you should not wait too long to visit your dentist as that can weaken your teeth.

3. Keep your mouth clean –When the filling becomes loose, the tooth cavity is revealed. And hence, it is highly essential to keep your mouth clean. Avoid chewing from the same side of the mouth. Brush properly and don’t skip washing your mouth after every meal. Also gargle with antiseptic mouthwash.

4. Call the dentist –If you find any signals that detect a loose filling, you should immediately call the Dentist in Conroe, TX. Keep the filling so the dentist can decide if it can be used or be replaced. The dentist will study the site around the tooth and cavity fillings. The dentist might have to prepare the tooth before a fresh filling can be reapplied. If left untreated, the condition might worsen and require a root canal.

How to prevent a filling from coming loose?

Of course dental fillings are not permanent! They basically stay between 2 and 10 years. But you can improve the structural integrity and durability of your filling by taking a few precautions:
Visit a reputable and skilled dentist who will apply a filling in a way that will last long. You can always visit us at Grand Central Dentistry, as we have the best dentists

Avoid biting down and chewing on hard things that could ruin the filling
Implement proper oral habits
Visit your dentist regularly to check the health of the fillings
Consider a dental onlay or a crown which is far more durable approach of restoring the tooth

Of course, your dentist will suggest the best treatment plan for you! Now, if you’re looking for a ‘Dentist near me’ in TX, then surely reach us at Grand Central Dentistry to receive composite fillings.