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Teeth Whitening in Conroe

Experience the Differences of Our Natural Teeth Whitening System in Conroe TX

What Is Teeth Whitening?

If you are dreaming of a dazzling white smile, then we at Grand Central Dentistry in Conroe TX can turn this dream of yours into a reality with ease. Our teeth whitening treatment helps remove the stains and discoloration from the surface of the teeth and brightens teeth the way you craved for. In this way, it boosts your self-confidence, as well as, smile.

Our dentist Shivani Patel,DMD performs the teeth whitening procedure near 77304 in Conroe for quite some time now. We bet you will not feel dissatisfied once you visit us for teeth whitening treatment.

Why Should You Opt For Teeth Whitening?

If you dream a smile like that of the Hollywood celebrities, you must understand that very few people have naturally bright and white teeth. Moreover, teeth get stained if you consume excess coffee, alcohol, and other dark colored items. It may also lose its glow due to age. This is when the teeth whitening treatment can be highly useful.

The continuous buildup of plaque and tartar stains the teeth to a considerable extent. A teeth whitening procedure from our dentists is the best way to overcome such a situation. It will help you look good and multiply your self-confidence by enhancing the glow of your teeth.

What Are The Steps We Follow During A Teeth Whitening Procedure?

The teeth whitening treatment cannot be done all of a sudden. At Grand Central Dentistry, our dentists understand this fact very well, and always judge the other related parameters. For example, if you are suffering from tooth decay, our dentists will always treat your cavities first.

In case of a receding gum, there are high chances that the whitening procedure will make your teeth sensitive. Our experienced dentists will never make such a mistake and will recede your gums first before whitening your teeth. Here is the step by step procedure followed by our dentists–

  • First, we capture the image of your teeth. The image helps us to decide the course of the treatment and also assists us in tracking the progress.
  • Next, we try to know the reason behind the staining of the teeth. This will help us to choose the appropriate whitening procedure.
  • Then, we clean the teeth for removing the film of bacteria, food, and other substances that contribute to the staining of the teeth.
  • Finally, we start with the whitening procedure to make the teeth of the patients look shining white.

Teeth whitening is a hassle-free procedure. Our dentists complete the initial stages in just an hour or two. Once the process is completed, it can make your teeth 4-5 times fairer.

Our Zoom whitening takes less than one hour. We recommend regular teeth cleaning before starting with the actual Zoom teeth whitening session. We begin the procedure by covering the lips and gums, but leaving the teeth exposed.

Our dentist, Dr. Shivani Patel then applies the Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, which works together with the Zoom light for penetrating the teeth and breaking up the stains and discoloration. The gel remains in place for about 15 minutes while the light is activated. In the meantime, you can relax, watch TV or listen to music.

How Can Our Teeth Whitening Treatment Help You?

Patients in Conroe often wonder why they should go for a teeth whitening treatment. At Grand Central Dentistry, we recommend the teeth whitening procedure for the following reasons–

  • It boosts confidence and self-esteem.
  • It reverses the effect of everyday staining and yellowing.
  • It improves the appearance of the teeth.
  • It helps to make a positive first impression on others.

How Long Does a Teeth Whitening Procedure Last?

The longevity of the teeth whitening procedure entirely depends on how well you maintain your teeth. If you stay away from stained food items like alcohols, tea, coffee, curry, and berries, and maintain a healthy oral hygiene, then your teeth whitening treatment would probably last for three years.

What Makes Our Dentists The Best In Teeth Whitening Treatment?

We are a team of highly experienced dentists treating patients with stained teeth in and around Conroe for quite some time now. Under the guidance of Dr. Patel, our dentists have treated patients from many parts of Texas. Our dentists always put their best possible effort and cater to every need of the patients so that you never get a chance to complain.

When it comes to expertise, we are probably the best. Our cosmetic dentist are the students of some of the best dental colleges and universities and know how to whiten the teeth as per your skin tone and requirements. Our teeth whitening cost is yet another reason for our popularity. We make sure not to charge a single penny extra than what we deserve.

Therefore, if are looking forward to booking an appointment with us then you can dial (936) 249-1910.

You can also visit us directly at 600 S Conroe Medical Drive STE 104, Conroe, TX. 77304. We assure you that our teeth whitening specialist at Conroe, TX will provide you with sparkling white teeth.

What Our Patients Say About Us

311 Google Reviews
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Highly recommend! Went in for a cleaning and an issue on a tooth and they were able to fix it the same day. The dentist was great and the staff was so professional. Office was nice and clean. Great visit overall.
May 26, 2023
Sudeepto Banerjee
Sudeepto Banerjee
Amazing staff, warm reception and very competent and efficient tooth cleaning and cavity filling. I would highly recommend Dr. Shivani. Thanks for a painless experience
Apr 28, 2023
Ana Salinas
Ana Salinas
I decided to go to this clinic for the first time since is near from where I live and also follow the reviews they had. But ended up super disappointed! Main point is, I went here for an emergency wisdom tooth pain that needed to be removed, but the dr wanted to remove all 4 of my wisdom all at once without giving me the right to choose what I wanted since that was not necessary. I only had an emergency with 1🙄, even though I have BCBS PPO insurance the prices they gave me were extremely high!! $270 for each upper wisdom tooth and $420 for each lower wisdom plus $870 for some type for iv anesthesia and no payment options, just crazy!!!! I ended up at my regular clinic and only payed $67🥳 Other point is my first impression when I walked in wasn’t good, I walked in and the girls on front weren’t welcome at all! Even the dr was there sitting behind them and he was so serious like a mad face. And the other thing I wanted to point at, is those dental assistants they have are really bad, no finesse, not looking professional or clean with extremely looong nails 😳 and they don’t even speak clear and loud enough! So annoying. Just really a bad experience😡.
May 25, 2023
Austin Tuey
Austin Tuey
Had wisdom teeth surgery done here , my teeth were in very rough and somewhat dangerous areas factoring in possible nerve damage , painless procedure and very comfortable with the doctors and recovered with no nerve damage or pain outside the normal recovery time with this procedure . Stumbled upon this dentist with google maps and have been going ever since don’t plan on going anywhere else . 10/10 highly recommend
Mar 10, 2023
Habtamu Teshome
Habtamu Teshome
I appreciate all staff members. They are polite and respectful. I visited this clinic a couple of times. They are always consistence in their service. Especially I appreciate Dr Tapan. Very humble and respectful doctor. I greatly recommend this clinic!!!
Jan 20, 2023