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Extractions and Surgical services

We offer a full array of surgical services including wisdom teeth extractions, surgical removal of broken teeth, alveoplasty, socket preservation, guided bone regeneration and crestal sinus augmentation.

Atraumatic extractions

The goal is to remove the tooth while preserving the soft tissue and bony architecture around the tooth being extracted. We offer atraumatic extractions in most cases to preserve maximum naturally occurring tissues. This leads to faster healing and superior sites for implant placement at a later date or at the same visit.

atraumatic extraction-Grand Central Dentistry Of Conroe

Wisdom teeth extraction:

Wisdom teeth can be impacted partially or completely and cause cavities on adjacent molar, food impaction, gum inflammation, gum infection and severe pain in some cases. Wisdom teeth are ideally removed in a young adult when the bone is generally yielding and the wisdom tooth has not compromised adjacent tooth/tissue or is not decayed itself.

wisdom teeth extraction-grand central dentistry of conroe


Naturally occurring bony spurs or irregular bone after teeth extractions warrants minor surgery to file such bone for a smooth contour.

alveoplasty-Grand Central Dentistry Of Conroe

Socket preservation:

During extractions an allograft or synthetic grafting material can be placed in the extraction and covered up with membrane which is sutured in place. The membrane holds the graft in place while the graft stimulates bone growth at the extraction site. Socket preservation creates a superior site for implant placement at a later date.

socket preservation-grand central dentistry of conroe

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