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Common Telltale Symptoms of Root Canal Infection
July 24, 2020  |  Blog
root canal infection

Common Telltale Symptoms of Root Canal Infection

Root canals are among the most common dental procedures that are available to us today. A root canal treatment involves a dentist cleaning out the decay from a tooth root and pulp by making a tiny hole in the said tooth. However, there is a small chance of tooth becoming infected even after a root canal is performed.

But how would you know that you have a root canal infection for sure?

Well, here are some warning signs that would help you decide whether you need a endodontic retreatment.

Symptoms of a Root Canal Infection

  • Constant Pain: Having constant tooth pain is among the first common signs of a root canal infection. This tooth pain might bother you all the time or goes away for a while but always come back. Early diagnosis and treatment in case of persistent tooth pain help in nipping the root canal infection in the bud.
  • Swollen Gums: Do you notice any swelling near the sensitive, aching tooth? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to consult a dentist for a root canal therapy in Conroe, TX. The swelling might be occasional and the gums near the tooth might even be tender to touch. The reason for swollen gums is the acidic wastes of the dead pulp tissues.
  • Sensitivity to cold or heat: Do you have a toothache when you drink hot beverages like tea or coffee or consume warm food? You might even feel sensitivity in your tooth while drinking cold drinks or eating ice cream. People dealing with this issue generally feel a sharp pain or a dull ache. This toothache while eating or drinking anything hot and cold may be an indicator that the nerve endings and blood vessels inside the tooth pulp are damaged or infected and needs to be treated soon to prevent further damage.
  • Cracked or chipped tooth: It is common to accidentally chip or crack a tooth when playing contact sports or eating something hard. Post this accident, the bacteria in the mouth can cause infection and inflammation. This, in turn, causes damage to the nerves in the tooth, which can lead to sensitivity and pain. This is another symptom that you need to make a trip to the dentist for root canal treatment.
  • Discolored tooth: A tooth pulp infection can cause the tooth to lose its original white color. Breakdown of the tooth’s internal tissue or any kind of trauma to the tooth can damage to the tooth’s root. This further causes a blackish-gray- appearance to the tooth. The discoloration of the tooth is more prominent in front teeth as compared to back teeth. Even though tooth discoloration can have different causes, consulting your dentist for ruling out the possibility of a root canal infection is recommended.
  • Tooth Mobility: A possible root canal infection also affects the tooth’s mobility and the tooth may feel loose. This loosening of the tooth is caused by the dying nerve around the tooth.

As a preventive measure, it is better to consult your trusted endodontist in Conroe TX, so that the situation doesn’t get even worse and adversely affect your oral health.

At Grand Central Dentistry, we have the best dentist for root canal near you, who will thoroughly examine your teeth and suggest you effective treatment methods.