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How to take care of your teeth and gums in winter?
November 01, 2020  |  Dental Services
Dental Services

How to take care of your teeth and gums in winter?

Winter comes along with the season of festivals and happy times. It is the favorite time of the year for many. But good times come with a lot of responsibilities especially when it comes down to your health. Unfortunately, winter is also synonymous with cold and flu. The bacterias responsible for causing these diseases can also be the reason for gum infection and other dental issues. To add on, the drop in temprature makes your teeth susceptible to a wide variety of issues such as cracks on teeth or toot sensitivity. Though, adoption of a few preventive measures and gathering a little bit of knowledge about dental care can save you from the trouble of facing such issues during the chilly winter months. This is exactly why Grand Central Dentistry decided to come up with a blog that will cover all information about winter tips for gums and teeth. Therefore if you have any doubts related to this particular topic, go through the sections below.

  • Book an appointment – You should visit a dentist on a regular basis all round the year. But the necessity to get your teeth checked up increases during the winter months. The cold weather caused your teeth to expand which can in turn lead to development of small cracks in your enamel. If proper attention is not paid to these cracks, they can expand more and do significant damage to your enamel. Going for regular check-ups at a dental clinic provides you with the opportunity diagnose the problems at a very early stage.
  • Make changes in the way you brush –  It is essential that you make a few changes in the way you brush if you have teeth sensitivity. First of all, get a toothbrush with softer bristers. Also switch to a toothpaste which is specially designed for sensitive teeth. You should also brush at least twice in a day. Also wait for some time after having a meal and then brush your teeth. This will help to damage your enamel.
  • Pay attention to your gums – As mentioned before, the germs and bacteria causing flu during the winter can also be reason for your gum infection. You should therefore pay close attention to your gums and look for first signs such as inflammation and redness. Usage of antibacterial mouthwash at least two times in a day is also recommended. You should make sure to keep your hands and fingers away from your mouth.
  • Use a mouth-guard – You are also advised to wear a mouth-guard if possible. This will help you protect your teeth and gum against the brutal cold weather. Mouth-guards also save your teeth from injuries. You can choose to consult a dentist to find out more about usage of mouth-guards.
  • Cover you face and neck – Do not forget to cover your face and neck and keep it warm while going out for a stroll. This will help to protect you teeth and gum from getting exposed to the cold.
  • Drink more water – Staying hydrated is imperative for the well-being of your dental health. Less intake or consumption of water leads to decrease in the production of saliva. This creates an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria in your mouth which in turn can hamper your oral health.

We hope that you have gained a clear understanding of the winter tips for teeth and gums. If you sense any dental issue, do not hesitate to consult a dentist immediately. Grand Central Dentistry has the best dentists in Conroe, TX who offer excellent dental treatments at an affordable price. Be it preventing cavities in kids or undergoing cosmetic treatment, our professionals are here to help you out. Call now.