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How To Recover Faster After Root Canal?
August 14, 2022  |  Root Canal Treatment

How To Recover Faster After Root Canal?

Your Conroe dentist can provide all the information you need about root canal treatment, including what to anticipate. Usually, a week or two after your surgery, your mouth and gums will feel perfectly normal, except for the absence of infection-related pain and swelling. After your root canal operation, there are a few things you may do to guarantee the quickest and most painless recovery. Our dentists at Grand Central Dentistry have provided all the information in this blog.

Avoid Eating Straight Away

After your procedure, wait to consume anything until the numbness in your mouth has completely subsided. When you begin to eat, take care not to chew or bite directly with the injured tooth until all tenderness has subsided.

Keep Your Head Elevated

You will have discomfort and swelling in the oral area following the operation. You can reduce that swelling for the first few nights of healing by sleeping with your head raised. An additional pillow placed behind your head will assist ease the discomfort.

Use Pain Medications

Although the treatment was painless, you may feel pain and discomfort in the area of your gums and jaw after the anesthetic wears off. Ibuprofen, an anti-inflammatory pain reliever marketed under the trade name Advil, is one example your dentist in Conroe may advise using.

Use Lukewarm Water With Salt

Warm salt water gargling will keep your mouth healthy and prevent infection from spreading to the gums around your impacted tooth. One cup of warm but not boiling water should be mixed with about half a teaspoon of salt.

Opt For Ice cream & Cold Compress

After your root canal with your Conroe dentist, eating ice cream and applying cold compresses will reduce swelling. After the operation, use a cold compress for up to 15 minutes at a time multiple times each day until the edema has diminished.

Minimize Swelling

Your procedure-related inflammation can be reduced with ice cream and cold compresses. Avoid smoking, drinking with a straw, drinking hot beverages, and consuming alcohol while you’re healing. These things can all encourage inflammation. Additionally, wait until your recovery is complete and the risk of re-infection has wholly passed before ingesting anything that might get trapped between your teeth.

Get Rest

Sports, physical activity, running, or hiking should be avoided for the first two days following a root canal operation. Instead, use that time to unwind and stay away from strenuous exercise as you heal.

You Could Suffer From Sensitivity

In the first week or two following a root canal operation, some sensitivity to heat, cold, and discomfort while biting is typical. Both that and any subsequent sensitivity or pain are common side effects. You’ll be tempted to use your tongue to feel around the treated region.

Do Not Hesitate

If you experience unexpected symptoms or complications – rare but possible – do not hesitate to contact your dentist in Conroe to discuss them and get advice. Your dentist will tell you exactly what to expect during your recovery and give you directions specific to your case. These tips will help promote a speedy recovery, too.

We hope this blog has provided you with enough information. Book an appointment with us at Grand Central Dentistry for the best root canal treatments in Conroe, TX.