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Do You Know The Perks of Choosing Overdentures?
May 25, 2021  |  Dental Implants, Denture
Overdenture – Good option for missing teeth.

Do You Know The Perks of Choosing Overdentures?

These days, there is nobody who has not heard about dentures. We grow one permanent set on each jaw. People don’t need to worry as when they lose one or more permanent teeth, they can be easily replaced by their dentists. A lot of innovations and breakthroughs in the field of dentistry have made it possible in providing long-term solutions for missing teeth. There are different kinds of treatment options that are available for people who are prone to tooth loss and missing teeth. Dentists recommend false teeth or dentures to enable them to talk, smile, and eat normally. In spite of the reputation accumulated by this dental appliance, people have problems as they tend to move inside the mouth. 

Elderly people keep having problems with dentures. So, several modifications have been done to this device. Now there are two types of dentures which are partial and complete dentures. The partial ones are fixed and have a strong base and it is held in place by a metal framework. The complete dentures replace the full set of teeth and can be removed whenever necessary. However, there is a much better type of dentures available in dental clinics nowadays. They are known as Overdentures.

What Are Overdentures?

Let us try to understand what Overdentures really are. Some people tend to prefer fixed or removable dentures, but dentists are giving them a much better option. Overdenture is a kind of denture that is capable of providing a high level of functionality and comfort. These dental devices are attached to one’s natural teeth or even dental implants. They can also be removed at will. It has proven that it is a great option for replacing lost teeth. It is actually a very potent combination of dental implants and dentures that help the patient feel comfortable in a natural way. 

As time passes by, people forget to stimulate the jawbone and it results in loss of muscle and other major negative impacts on their overall health. Traditional dentures do not allow the stimulation of the jawbone which makes the patient’s face look aged and sunken. When it comes to Overdentures, the jaw gets all the stimulation it needs to maintain its integrity. 

The Perks of Choosing Overdentures 

The dentist will follow a rigorous process to fit this device on your dental implants or natural teeth. Based on further studies conducted by experts in dentistry, the following are the perks or benefits of Overdentures:

  • Proper stimulation of the Alveolar Bone.
  • Preservation of facial muscles that are supported by the jawbone.
  • Prevention of irritation in gums and soft tissue.
  • Provides a lot of comforts and looks very natural.
  • It allows you to enjoy all kinds of food.
  • They do not move around inside the mouth.
  • Does not require any kind of adhesives.
  • Improve your overall life and health.

We hope that our blog has managed to provide you with a deeper insight into overdenture and the perks of choosing it over other treatment options. In case you need the best prosthodontic services in Conroe, TX, then please visit our clinic. Our team of dentists provides the best solutions for all your dental needs.