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Dental Implants: Expensive or Wise Investment
December 21, 2018  |  Dental Implants

Dental Implants: Expensive or Wise Investment

We most times overlook the dental aspects of our health, and this is why millions of people around the world today are faced with one or more dental health challenges. A number of us do not really pay attention to our teeth; from poor eating habit (excess consumption of carbohydrates and sugars, sticky food that causes plagues) to poor oral hygiene (brushing of teeth). The resulting condition is a need to take on one of the numerous dental treatment options available – filling, crown and of course, dental implant. Based on the prescription of a dentist. And yes when it comes to dental implant, a lot of controversies have risen over time that it is simply expensive and may not be a wise investment. However, before we divulge into that topic, lets have a brief overview of dental implant.What is Dental Implant?

All thanks to modern technology, we are always presented with advanced processes that tends towards better solutions. And dental implant here is the most advanced solution in practice today.
A dental implant is simply a surgical procedure of tooth replacement, where a hole is drilled into the jawbone and a metal frame is positioned beneath the gums. After this is done, a temporary crown is attached, following the placement of an abutment. The last phase for dental implant is the replacement of the temporary crown with a permanent crown.

What then are its Benefits?

  • Dental implants give a natural appearance, looking just like the original teeth in our mouth as they provide an underlying stable support for artificial teeth.
  • They aid better mastication as you are able to chew naturally, eat anything you want and brush your teeth normally unlike other tooth replacement options like dentures which may restrict your food choices.
  • A dental implant improve comfort as they are held firmly in place and eventually fuse to your jawbone providing the most natural feeling of confidence.
  • While other options like dentures may move around in the mouth hindering speech, dental implant does not pose any such difficulty.
  • They are highly sophisticated and have the tendency of lasting a lifetime if given the proper care and maintenance advised.

So Why Does it Cost So Much?

Firstly, a dental implant is considered a surgery. Basically, this treatment is customized to exactly suit each patients teeth and mouth- hence the natural appearance. And as we know, no two patients can have exactly the same need. So from the number of appointments (consultation) to the different procedures involved in getting the implant completed, cost applies. And this cost would differ from one patient to another. However it is estimated to be around $3000 – $4000.

In Conclusion

Why go for a high end procedure when there are other lower options? Isn’t it just a bad investment should the process not work out? Well in general, dental implants have recorded a success rate of up to 98%. But at the end of the day, it would all depend on what you want for yourself as an individual. Would you rather have a one-off pay for a lifetime possibility or stick to other options that pose a lower up front cost. And yes, when you factor in the multiple removal or reattaching of these other fixtures and collate the amount spent it could be only a little less or well over what a single implant may cost.