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Teeth Whitening   •   September 18, 2022

Why Is Teeth Whitening So Popular?

Although professional teeth whitening makes your smile appear white and stain-free, the truth is that they won’t stay that way forever, especially if you continue with your bad habits. It’s a good idea to follow up with an aftercare program following teeth-whitening procedures. To safeguard the more delicate areas, teeth contain a covering known as […]

Root Canal Treatment   •   August 14, 2022

How To Recover Faster After Root Canal?

Your Conroe dentist can provide all the information you need about root canal treatment, including what to anticipate. Usually, a week or two after your surgery, your mouth and gums will feel perfectly normal, except for the absence of infection-related pain and swelling. After your root canal operation, there are a few things you may […]

cosmetic dentistry   •   July 19, 2022

What Are The Different Cosmetic Dental Procedures Available?

Cosmetic dentistry is a type of dental therapy that focuses on making your teeth seem better. Additionally, some treatment cases also have restorative benefits even though cosmetic dentistry operations are typically optional rather than necessary. Discover the most typical processes and how they operate. Our dentists at Grand Central Dentistry have provided more information on […]

dental crowns   •   June 3, 2022

Common Questions Related To Dental Crowns

If you’re considering dental crowns or other dental treatment, you need to know both the what and why of what’s going on with your teeth. Today, we’ll go through the most frequently asked questions concerning dental crowns, so you can get answers to any queries you might have and make an educated decision. What Are […]

dental hygiene, oral health   •   May 24, 2022

Tongue Scraping: Definition, Dental Issues & Benefits

Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly is necessary for good oral hygiene. On the other hand, our tongues are routinely disregarded. Our tongues can become breeding grounds for a variety of dangerous microorganisms. We must therefore clean them regularly. Our dentists at Grand Central Dentistry will help you learn more about tongue cleaning in this […]